Tapit New Works production: Wit & Wisdom
Wit & Wisdom: Monologues of Ruth Draper

Picture an evening with your funniest and most interesting women friends, chock full of laughter, unexpected revelations, and sparkling commentary on the human condition.

That’s Wit & Wisdom: Monologues of Ruth Draper, a TAPIT/new works Ensemble Theater production featuring a diverse cast of 10 female actors, aged 26 -81. This immersive, cabaret-style performance introduces audiences to the work of Ruth Draper, the most famous actress you’ve probably never heard of.

Ruth Draper (1884-1956) was a solo performer long before it was cool. She literally performed before the crowned heads of Europe (Queen Mary and King George V) and counted Laurence Olivier and George Bernard Shaw among her fans. John Singer Sargent painted her portrait. Agatha Christie modeled two characters after her – and Lilly Tomlin and Tom Waits both cite her as a major influence.

The monologues selected for Wit & Wisdom showcase Draper’s evergreen understanding of the human experience and her wicked sense of humor, administered with a kindly touch.

Audiences will visit a class in “Greek Poise,” track a married couple’s breakfasts through the years, follow the latest trends in doctors and diets, and, in general, learn more about Draper’s characters than they know about themselves.